The artist and producer in question is New Hansen. Based in Amsterdam, he has been consistently creating and recording music with a cinematic atmosphere. The promotion film ‘The Wild Wild West’, is an excellent example of his diverse compositional skills. The short movies ‘In Kropsdam is Iedereen Gelukkig‘, ‘De Lullige Levensloop van een Saaie Man‘ and ‘The Origin of Trouble‘ were featured at the Netherlands Film Festival. Other examples of his music is heard in the brand new ‘ZeGame’. Eight stunning 8-bit songs that fits the game’s atmosphere perfectly.

Above the Basement’ combines interesting classical harmony with a modern indie rock style, all with smooth voice and an incredibly well-polished production. The melancholic mood of small orchestral arrangements, gentle guitar riffs, baroque keyboards, clean vocal harmonies and  borrowings from Jon Brion and Brian Wilson makes it easy to visualize film scenes when listening to the tracks. This is not strange when you know an orchestra of talented international musicians has been summoned to record the songs. The process took 4 years, recorded at 10 different locations over 2 countries together with 13 musicians. Clearly this incredible journey can be felt when listening the songs. ‘Above the Basement’ might be compared to listening winter-songs on a hot summer evening, or listening summer songs on a cold winter night. Either way, after listening these songs you are left with this particular emotion of both hope and melancholy. 

The same clear music production is also heard in ’New Hansens’ ‘Hannibal’s Piano Soundtrack’. It features classical songs heard in the populair NBC series of ‘Hannibal’ played on piano and could be seen as an introduction of the classical music genre for a younger audience. Also, the clean recorded pianotracks could be seen as a classical piano compilation album of Chopin, Bach and Beethoven. The dark sound of the Steinway heard throughout the soundtrack fits the grim series atmosphere more than ever.  Hannibal’s Piano Soundtrack is now available at Spotify and iTunes. Bon Appétit!