Film Composer / Music Producer



Hans Nieuwenhuijsen is a Dutch composer and music-producer. His music is being praised with both Buma- as a Los Angeles Film Festival award for best original score. Over the last years, Hans worked on many short-films, interactives and tv-series as a freelance composer. Later that year he co-developed the ‘virtual orchestration’ course, and became teacher at the master department of the Conservatory of Amsterdam. There he was able to research and re-create the recording technique of Phil Spector.

To further strengthen his musical career, he combined his talents and co-founded STILL and MusikPakt, a collaboration of professionals specialised in filmscores. Recently he composed among many other projects the music for the interactive ‘Beleef de Nachtwacht’; a virtual masterpiece of Rembrandt’s most well known painting for the Dutch Rijksmuseum’. Besides as a composer, Hans also works as music supervisor for both national- as international film productions.