• Watch ‘The Wild Wild West’

    Exactly one year ago I started the music production of ‘The Wild Wild West’. It’s a promo short-film for the Nederlands Film Academy. You can see a lot of filmgenres, therefor the music needed to be written in different styles. I wrote +/- 15 cues for a total of 14 minutes film. An important message of each scene was the specific feeling I wanted to give to it. For instance; the western scene. Cliche’s are motivated, so I had the option to go with an Ennio Morricone string-ensemble. Instead of this, I took a key feature of western movies: the harmonica (played by Antonio Molina Moya) , and made it quite cliche, but suspenseful. To adjust this feeling, I added percussion instruments, but underneath it a very deep layer of thick synthesizer pads. Not really Westernish, but because the high speed and the lower threshold of acceptence in this movie, the audience is able to accept strange sounds more easily; a classic cliche combined with a modern instrument to increase the feeling of suspense. Thanks to all the amazing musicians that played the score of this movie:

    Clarinet: Marco Danesi Harmonica: Antonio Molina Moya Sopraan: Luc Ket Sax: Federico Pascucci Trumpet: Mark Nieuwenhuis Trombone: Salvoandrea Lucifora Drums: Tristan Renfrow + Tom Rutgers Basgitaar: Adriano Matcovich Guitar: Mirko Montaldi Add. brass: Felix Rehault Voc: Daniel Cornelissen – Tijn Sikken – Jeffery Heuvel – Julia Notenboom – Jamille van Wijngaarden – Emeline Bakker Add. brass productie: Samuel Hébert Productie Piano: Feau Voc Production: Paul Nieuwenhuijsen Strings: Naree Park