• Microphone placement in Born Healty Commercial

    In this commercial, that has been released this afternoon, we were looking for a fragile sound to express the happiness of the future parents. In an early stage we decided to choose the neutral sound of the piano accompanied by music-box and string-quartet. This version suited the best and to go for the best quality I recorded a grand piano with four microphones.

    Obviously microphone placement is an important aspect of scoring for visual media. In the studio I decided to go for prominent room microphones as I wanted to catch the ‘dreamy atmosphere’ of euphoric young parents that just gave birth to a child. In the mix it appeared that this sound gave a different feel… the close microphone placement that was caught in earlier versions gave a feeling of being present in that babyroom. That was the sound that we wanted. So both tracks had the same music, but had a different feel. In the end we choose for the close miked piano.

  • Virtual reality composer

    Today I was invited by Jesper, creator of ZeGame, to join testing of the game on the HTC Vive. The virtual reality goggle is still in development by HTC/Valve and only a few game developers have gotten themselves a prototype. I was stunned when I first experienced the digital world after putting on the glasses. After you put on the headphones there is no connection with the ‘real’ world anymore. We started with ZeGame that had an excellent control system. I was able to walk around the digital blocks now. The view of the puzzles were so much more clear this way. It’s already clear on the phones and tablets, but it just gave this experience of being there now! Also swiping on the z-axis was able without rotating the camera, but just to ‘touch’ the blocks and swipe them towards yourself. The environments were also stunning, and I frequently stopped playing to enjoy the world above and around me. The excellent sounddesign of Selle really helped me to be in this unreal underwater world full of whales and ZeGame blocks 🙂

    The reason for my visit was to check the finished music I composed for the game, but I ended up playing with the goggles for a very long time. Such a great experience! This video shows me, being totally not in the ‘real world’ enjoying the ZeGame underwater world.